Celebrating 20 years post heart transplant

Today is my 20th heart transplant anniversary. More importantly today is Dawn’s birthday. Dawn would be 43 today. I’m beyond words how grateful I am to Coral, Remi and Heather.

The article below was written a few days after my heart transplant. It’s still so surreal to me that I have lived 20 years with Dawn’s heart. I know these 20 years would not have been possible without her. I know that having kids wouldn’t have been possible. Every single aspect of my life wouldn’t be possible without Dawn. It’s surreal to me when I look at her picture and think that her heart is beating in my chest right now. Dawn has kept me alive for the last 20 years.

Dawn here is to 20 more years! Remi, Coral and Heather – Thank you for following through with Dawn’s wishes to save lives and become an organ donor. I love you with all my heart (literally).


Donor's family happy_edited

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