I just fished reading Transplanting Hope by Kristy Thackeray and enjoyed it very much.  It was not only revealing but very informative about medical procedures that hopefully none of us will ever have to go through.  I think Kristy was very brave for being so honest about all aspects of her life and not just the transplant.  Although the book contained a lot of medical information it wasn’t boring or dry reading as Kristy took the time to explain the terms in a very simple straightforward way.  Congratulations Kristy on such a huge accomplishment.

Jackie Thackeray
Kindersley, SK

Since I have started this book, I have been unable to put it down. Just when the tears stop they start flowing again. Had to take a little break now as I realize I haven’t eaten yet today and I’m so close to being done and I don’t want this story to end. Although I know it will always keep going. Kristy, I am so honoured to know you and love you. Thank you for keeping my friends memory alive as a Hero. I pray you will someday be able to connect with Shaylynn’s donor family as well so they can know how wonderful you all are 💝

Dawn’s Bestfriend,
Brenda Poitras
Elk Point, AB



Knowing the author puts me in a unique position to write a review. I have heard parts of this “story” before, but never in its entirety. Kristy’s ability to “open her heart” and be vulnerable to sharing the most intimate thoughts and details of her life for everyone to read, allows the rest of us to have a window into what organ donation has meant to the recipient, as well as the donor family. While a heart transplant has given Kristy a beautiful life to live, it has not come without its obstacles and continued health challenges. Kristy is a dedicated, passionate and empathetic person and while her story on its own is exceptional, it is actually what Kristy has done with her life when faced with these challenges that is the true inspiration. The question “Why not me?”, and Kristy’s reflective narrative throughout the book encourages contemplation on the readers part as well as promotes Kristy’s advocacy for organ donation.

Jodie Goruk
Lethbridge, AB





I am not a reader, however I read your book from cover to cover in a very short time.
I admire you for sharing your story.
So much of what you wrote about in your book was what our daughter experienced some 26 years ago when she had her heart transplant as a baby.
Meaning multiple hospital visits, daily medications, blood work, heart biopsy and the emotional roller coaster ride. Most of all, your book gives hope to those awaiting a transplant.
As I mentioned to you, our society needs to be educated about the need for organs. Transplants save lives, only if organ are available.

Mary Clynes
St. Louis, USA